• Hot Tap-HP Instant Hot Dbl Burner w/Piezo

Hot Tap-HP Instant Hot Dbl Burner w/Piezo


  • $248.00

The rugged all-steel construction of the High Performance Instant Hot Tap HP makes it perfect for all-season use. This portable double-burner hot shower system heats unlimited water on demand.

Features convenient matchless push-button ignition and includes a sturdy 4-gallon multi-purpose storage case, the Zodi Hot Tap HP is the most rugged self contained, high-output instant hot shower ever! A complete system, including powerful battery-operated pump that draws water from any water source. (Propane tanks & 4 D-cell batteries not included.)


- Rugged steel housing and rain proof lid
- Stainless steel heat exchanger
- Sturdy 4 gallon plastic case
- Double burner design
- Piezo push-button ignition
- Hose and water saving showerhead
- Case lid/propane tank base
- Pump and battery case with on/off switch


- Industrial-grade for extra durability & long service life
- Double-burner design for High Performance 4 season use
- Adjust water temperature up to 100
MfgSite www.zodi.com