• Hot Tap Instant Hot Single Burner w/Piezo

Hot Tap Instant Hot Single Burner w/Piezo


  • $158.36

Portable and self-contained, the Hot Tap is one of Zodi's most popular instant hot showers. Enjoy the convenience of instant hot showers with matchless push-button ignition.

Equipped with a stainless steel burner, this Zodi shower provides endless hot water in just seconds. Includes a powerful battery-powered water pump and a rugged plastic storage case that doubles as a 4-gallon water container and propane tank base. Ideal for family camping, emergencies, RVs and more. (Propane & 4 D-cell batteries not included.)


- Sturdy plastic case
- Rugged steel housing
- Piezo push-button ignition
- Case lid/propane tank base
- Battery case and pump
- Water-saving showerhead


- Multi-purpose storage case holds water for a 10-minute shower
- Heats 60+ gallons of water between battery and propane refills
- Adjust water temperature up to 100
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